A Void Drive

Sveiki :slightly_smiling_face:

You had an accident in your station on a barren planet, your goal is to upgrade your simple science rover by collecting resources, making it into a beast offroader so you could make it to the other station where you could send distress signal. (Kolkas tokia ideja, gali keistis)

Dabar zaidimas atrodo taip:

Temporary name: A Void Drive
Genre: Survival
Platform: Most likely mobile
Engine: GMS2

Next to do list:

  • Find color palette.
  • Draw/add collectibles.
  • Draw base/station.
  • Add upgrade menu
  • Fix trailer :upside_down_face:

Currently working on my love hate relationship with angles by trying to add a trailer to the rover(it will be one of the upgrades):

Tai va taip, aciu uz demesi :wink:

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Ooo, labai įdomu! Ateity, tikiuos, pamatyt daug dulkių debesų :slight_smile: